UpLink 📄 Manage Document Requests at Scale

UpLink helps professionals manage large volumes of document requests

What we do:

Simplify the process of managing document requests at scale.

Who has this problem:

  • Auditors (need hundreds of docs from each client)
  • Tax professionals (need lots of tax forms)
  • Lenders/Brokers (need dozens of docs from each loan applicant)
  • Certification programs (need docs from each applicant)
  • HR (need onboarding docs from new employees)

UpLink is a SAAS application that associates a workflow (requested, in review, rejected, complete) with each request.

This workflow allows you to easily track the status of individual document requests across hundreds or thousands of projects.

Automatic Notifications:

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2 of our co-founders were auditors at PwC and had this problem firsthand. It took years for PwC to finally build a custom solution to address this, but it’s a common problem and most companies (especially auditors) don’t have access to a decent solution.

Try it out:

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Email me (alex@uplinkapp.io) for a personal demo, any questions, or if you’d like to introduce me to anyone you think would find UpLink valuable =)