Tangia 🕹 Toolset for gamers to monetize their live streams

Tangia enables viewers to buy interactions that affect the game being streamed in real time. For example, a viewer pays $15 to spawn a boss enemy and it instantly appears in the streamer’s minecraft world.

What We Do

Tangia enables streamers to sell real-time interactions to their viewers, boosting engagement, and recognizing real revenue without compromising on content quality.

What Problems are we Solving

  • Ads don’t pay enough and most streamers can’t get sponsors
  • Streamers lose 28% to 65% of their revenue to the platform they stream on
  • Creator tools are complex and require multiple products to achieve simple outcomes

Tangia allows streamers to earn 200x more per stream over ads as viewers deeply enjoy being a part of the stream. Interactions sales allow creators to take agency over their revenue and connect with their community in an entertaining and engaging way. We enable creators to do this all at a lower rate than existing platforms.

Tangia prioritizes the user experience and simplicity. Having a low friction process to allow viewers to purchase interactions is core to Tangia's design and platform flow. Tangia also consolidates the best features of existing tools on top of the interactions giving the streamers the best of all worlds!

Want to Get Involved?

Great! We would love to have you!


Please shoot us an email → founders@ultimatetournament.io

Game Developers / Content Creators / Other Inquiries

Please shoot us an email → support@ultimatetournament.io

Check us out athttps://tangia.co