Typewise – πŸ”₯ boosting customer service & sales productivity by 2-3x

AI writing solution for businesses to save cost, increase customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

TypewiseΒ is a powerful AI writing solution for customer service and sales teams.

Typewise helps customer service and sales teams to:

  • Increase writing efficiency by >20%
  • Eliminate >97% of mistakes
  • Ensure brand coherence & tone of voice
  • Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT, etc.) & sales conversion
  • Save >8 hours per employee per month
  • Get 3-4X ROI

Our AI text prediction technology outperforms Google & Co and was initially developed through our smartphone app with >2 million downloads.

We already work with Fortune 500 companies (software, e-commerce, logistics, insurance, telco).

What can Typewise do?

  • Sentence prediction (autocomplete) and smart snippets
  • Proofreader (autocorrect and grammar check)
  • Auto replies
  • Real-time translation
  • Analytics & quality control

Our AI language model gets trained on your company’s data to ensure consistent, on-brand communications across your business. We also incorporate your business metrics (CSAT, etc.) to surface what type of wording, phrases, etc. leads to better business outcomes, and suggest the most effective language automatically.

How does Typewise work?

πŸ’» Browser extension + server-side API
βœ… Works with any CRM (e.g., Salesforce)
🌐 Support for 40+ languages
πŸ‘ No IT implementation effort / <8h setup time
πŸ”’ 100% data privacy

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