Spinach.io - 🥬 Crush your daily standup

We help dev teams run faster, more-effective daily standups

Most dev teams have standup every single day. If standup isn’t great, the team suffers daily. Spinach helps dev teams turn their standup into an optimized flow, build healthier meeting habits, and get time back every day. The best part? Try it for free!

How it works
Before standup
Spinach reminds you to prep in Slack. Each person enters their updates in Spinach.

During standup
Spinach rotates through each person so there’s no fumbling with “who goes next.”

You can see each person’s update and how long they’ve been speaking.

Have something to discuss? Add it to Team Topics and Spinach will bring it up at the end to keep things moving.

After standup
Spinach keeps a summary and automatically posts it to Slack. You’ll have a record of all of your previous standups in the app.


  1. Get time back “What took people 10 minutes to cover before, they can now cover in 15 seconds” - Austin from Lovage Labs
  2. Each update is clear “When the team is prepared, the updates are more articulate and standup goes stupid fast” - Oded from Asurion
  3. Focused on sprint goals- “Spinach saves all the discussion topics til the end. That was really hard to enforce before” Rebecca from Freedom Financial
  4. Summary in Slack- “I love seeing today what I said I would do yesterday. It keeps us all accountable” Suhas from Courier

How to try it

Try: Go to Spinach.io and try it for yourself. No demos. No credit cards.

Share: Let us know what you think! Have friends who run standups? Please tell them they can get time back every day with Spinach.

Save: Try it free!