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Hey Fam 👋

Jensen and James from @Zoltar Labs here! Zoltar is the most efficient way for CX teams to handle support requests through AI-powered automation.⚡️

What is Zoltar 💡

Zoltar is an AI system trained to handle customer support requests with actions from a company's APIs. Examples of use cases include: 1) helping e-commerce marketplaces automate customer requests to process an item exchange or track order status, 2) helping freight marketplaces automate customer requests to change a delivery address.

Zoltar can be deployed across different support channels including live chats and emails, and is integrated with Intercom / Zendesk / Salesforce / Kustomer so companies can leverage existing systems to resolve user issues more efficiently.

Who is This For 👶

Companies that spend extra time and headcount to process repetitive customer requests, such as:

  • ✍️ Tracking orders or returns/refunds
  • ❓Questions related to canceling orders, user accounts being blocked, reactivating user subscriptions, etc
  • Any other repetitive inquiries that your reps are faced with

Why We Built This 😷

When customers contact support, they expect resolution right then and there.

Most AI tools / chatbots on the market today are limited to extracting and presenting information to customers, and cannot offer direct resolutions to customer problems. That means something as simple as changing details about a purchase (in the case of e-commerce, for example) still requires a human rep to resolve. We believe there is a much more efficient way to serve customers.

Unlike common AI chatbots, Zoltar takes action on your customers’ queries with the appropriate API calls, alleviating support reps from manually processing customer requests or performing repetitive tasks.

We’d Love to Hear From You 🤝

Email us at jensen@zoltarlabs.com or james@zoltarlabs.com if…

  • You are a founder/business owner looking to automate customer tasks that were traditionally done manually
  • You are a COO/CTO/customer ops/customer support director looking to increase support efficiency and reduce cost-per-contact

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