Typedream - The go to Website Builder for Founders, Digital Creators and Web3

No-code site builder, easy as Notion, pretty as Webflow


āœØ Build a page quickly through a familiar Notion-like interface and focus on content

šŸ–¼ļø Beautiful & modern defaults that make any website look good with minimal effort

šŸƒ High performing static pages with animations and optimized images powered by NextJS

šŸ—‚ Display your Notion data beautifully on your website with CMS (Airtable, Google Sheets coming soon)

šŸ¤– Create a NFT minting site, display your NFT collection with CMS

Typedream Demo


šŸ™‹ "I just need to build and publish a web page ASAP"

I often get this problem where I just need to publish a product or share some information quickly - be it a landing page, a product guide, a new FAQ, a personal site, a blog, or an announcement, there's always something. It was scattered across Code, Ghost, Intercom, Gitbook, email, and very long Slack messages.

We built Typedream so you can build and publish websites really quickly and keep it all in one place.

šŸ§  "I'm not good at design. I just want to think about what to say"

It takes a lot of effort and time for me to try to design a website and I just don't have time for that.

We built good & modern default styles into Typedream so you can just quickly put in your content and add some minimal styling to make your website immediately look amazing. We also equip you with built-in assets and tools, such as animations, gradient colors, icons, backgrounds, and illustrations, to help you build your site.

šŸ¤Æ "Most website builders are just too complicated for me to build my site"

Most websites don't require the full functionality of Wix/Squarespace. We made Typedream with simplicity in mind. The interface is similar to Notion/Google Docs and the options are limited & opinionated. This turns out to be liberating for most of our users as it allows them to focus on their content instead of worrying about small details.

Solution: Quick & easy website building šŸš€

Typedream bridges the gap between Webflow and Notion by allowing you to build great and beautiful landing pages while still being easy and quick for sharing content:

  • A familiar text-editing interface
  • Add Buttons, Cards, and Navbar in just 1 click
  • Built-in animations, gradient colors, backgrounds, icons, and illustrations
  • Opinionated design options
  • Automatically responsive on mobile

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