🚐 Fetii: Group Rideshare (Charter Transportation + Rideshare Tech)

Fetii utilizes high-capacity vehicles to allow groups and businesses to ride together, on-demand!


Groups of 6 or more have two (bad) options: Reserve a charter vehicles days or weeks in advance, pay a 5 hour minimum (for a 15 minute ride), and have no payment flexibility..OR..split up the group and take multiple vehicles (Uber/Lyft/Personal) leading to an inferior transportation experience, adding to congestion, and increasing carbon emissions.


Fetii is a group rideshare platform that utilizes a network of 15-passenger vans to transport groups and businesses together, on-demand. Our QR code check-in system makes it easy to pay for yourself or the entire group! Book like Uber/Lyft and pay like Lime/Bird!


  • - $5,000,000+ Gross Revenue Run Rate | $1,001,000 Gross Revenue in 2021 (First Operating Year) | Profitable
  • - Transported 510k+ Passengers & Removed 130k+ Unnecessary Vehicles Off Of The Roads
  • - Corporate Clients Include: Deloitte, Texas A&M University, Silicon Valley Bank, University of Texas, Yeti, Red Bull, Texas Tech University, and more.
  • - Operating in 3 Texas Cities (Expanding Nationally Soon!)

YC Asks & Discount:

  • - Give us a try if you’re in Texas (more cities coming soon), we’d love to get your feedback!
  • - YC founders get an account upgrade that let’s you ride for FREE! Just shoot us an email at founders@fetii.com and we’ll set you up!