🎟️ NFT Access: Multi-Chain NFT Ticketing Platform

Discover, create, manage & attend events using NFTs πŸͺ™

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NFT Access is a multi-chain NFT ticketing platform that allows anyone to discover, create, manage, and attend events using pre-existing NFTs or new NFTs issued directly from our website.

Why we built NFT Access

In short, traditional ticketing systems are tangled with inherent problems. Fraud is rampant, attendees that purchase tickets on the resale market often can't separate authentic tickets from fake ones and if they're able to purchase from authorized issuers the fees can cost up to 30% - 40% of face value. A traditional ticket has no use past the original event. We believe NFTs should serve the purpose of reusable general access tokens.

The event hosts have no benefit from the resale of their tickets, have no way to get data of the attendee if the ticket was resold, and the costs associated with issuing tickets is high. NFTs serving as tickets brings more revenue to artists, creatives and event hosts in the form of royalties from sales on the resale market, reduced production cost ( event can be created, new NFTs issued and ready to sell in under 5 minutes ), and prevents fake tickets because the blockchain provides us a trusted decentralized source for authentication.

Solution - NFT Access

On NFT Access anyone can create an event. There's options to create multiple ticket tiers using pre-existing collections ( contracts ) or create tiers with new NFTs directly from the website.

The event page

On checkout, attendees can view which NFTs have access to the event.

Let’s connect 🀝
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftaccess_

Email: founders@nftaccess.app

NFT Access is publicly available, anyone can use it! πŸ‘‡