Aragorn AI

Aragorn AI: Sync millions of HR data with vendors

Make your HR data connect and communicate at an enterprise scale!

Hello YC,

We are Ed, Gladys and Eric, and we’re jazzed to launch Aragorn AI!


Aragorn helps enterprises sync their HR data with their vendor systems seamlessly.

What is the problem and who is this for?

Most companies with employees between 500 and 10,000+ waste at least $400,000 and over 8,000 hours per year managing inefficient HRIS data integrations between their vendors. This is a very painful and arduous process for HR leaders and teams.

Current attempts to simplify integrations have mostly failed because they are generally custom 1:1 solutions that do not scale, require enterprises to replace their existing HR systems, and are not specifically designed to handle HR data. HR leaders who adopt these integration platforms generally experience incremental costs and long implementation times (at least 3-months) per vendor.

How it works

We’ve built a solution where enterprises transfer their HRIS data to Aragorn’s platform through encrypted means, map out attributes of the data to specific vendor formats programmed in Aragorn and automatically share authorized data required by their vendors in a few hours. Our implementation time for HR leaders and organizations take days not months.

Why we built Aragorn AI

We grew up as siblings and worked at organizations that manually formatted big data and scheduled transfers to multiple vendors (donations, learning management, 401(k), health insurance, etc.). Ed, ex-VP of Engineering at YourCause and Director of Software Development built and oversaw over 700 HR data integrations in attempt to solve this problem. We knew there has to be an effective and efficient way for HR leaders and teams to deal with this problem.

How you can support us

We would appreciate it if you can make introductions to your network of companies that have over 500 employees. Please contact us at founders@aragorn.ai and we’ll send you a personalized email to forward on.