Integrated Reasoning

⚡️ Integrated Reasoning - Fast hardware for optimization problems

Integrated Reasoning builds computer hardware to efficiently solve optimization problems. We’re making it 100x faster and 10x cheaper to solve problems like scheduling airline pilots or packing shipping containers.


Logistics is expensive.

Imagine you’re a shipping company. Every day, you need to pack 100,000 boxes into shipping containers. How many containers do you need? Which boxes go into which containers? A common solution to this problem is to run Google’s “OR-Tools” software in the cloud. This works, but it’s slow and the costs add up. Integrated Reasoning builds an alternative solution that is faster and cheaper.


Integrated Reasoning provides hardware for solving optimization problems that can be quickly deployed in the cloud and scaled as needed. You don’t need any knowledge of hardware or firmware to use our products, and we provide generous support to make sure that the transition is smooth.

Reach out to us!

We’re working on a series of hardware products for optimization. We would love to hear from folks that work on scheduling, routing, packing, networks, or other optimization problems; even if you’re not sure if our hardware could help.

You can reach out to Brycen and David at hello@ir.design or find out more at ir.design.