Ping - Neo bank for remote workers

Meet Ping: The solution for paying and getting paid remotely

Ping - A Neo Bank that allows remote workers to invoice their employers and receive payments in USD & crypto and convert to local currencies

The problem Ping solves

Currently, global workers use a complicated mix of solutions to access their contractors' fees (usually involving 3 different platforms or more), all of these options are expensive and time-consuming and it is very hard for them to convert the funds to local currencies.

How does Ping solve this?

Ping offers an ALL-IN-ONE platform that generates invoices, receives USD payments, deposits, international transfers, local currencies and crypto/stablecoins to handle global cross-border payments instantly, with low fees and a positive contractor-employer experience.

How you can help

Try it for yourself!
- If you are a contractor: signup at www.letsping.com  create and send beautiful invoices to whomever you want to get paid from.
- If you are a company: register at www.letsping.com to start paying your contractors and employees. As a company you can also receive payments even investment through direct wire transfer.

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Email us at: founders@holaping.com

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinglatam/

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