evoly — Smart metering as a service

Meet evoly, the only smart metering solution that's easy to deploy


At evoly, we make smart meters for electric, water & waste use cases. Our software helps utilities achieve better energy efficiency & lower costs.

We're already deployed in Europe & Africa and are looking to find new customers in America.


Smart metering has been around for years, but it has always been very expensive, hard to deploy and heavy on battery usage.

Due to this, more than 65% of utilities in the world still have old gen meters - they need to be read by a technician on a regular basis to bill you. A Smart meter is an instrumental part when building a smart grid and trying to push for energy efficiency and those challenges are becoming the main priorities as we try to build a greener planet.

On waste, we help collectors know the exact level of the bins in their city to optimize collection (less CO2 - less travels)


At evoly we make smart meters easy to deploy. By developing our own hardware leveraging a unique transmission technology: LoRa we are able to offer an easy to install, 5 times cheaper smart metering solution.

Our software then helps utilities get 24/7 view on their grid and a wide range of possibilities:

- Remote meter reading

- Detecting fraud

- Turning electricity on and off remotely

- Time of use pricing

Our Story

During the Covid lockdown, we experienced the limit of old gen meters, as technicians could not come and read them to bill every households.

Feeling this pain for the first time ourselves, we tried to solve it in our hometown where we used to go to high school together, before realising that the problem was actually almost everywhere around the globe.

Today we help 8 cities (Europe - North Africa) in this transition and are looking to find our first customers in the US.

How you can help

If you know anyone in the utility space in any country that could find this relevant, please feel free to reach us at founders@evolyenergy.com. Thank you!

-- Hassan & Sami