Mailmodo: Email marketing platform for higher email engagement

Centralize all your email marketing efforts and send interactive emails to get higher email ROI

I am Aquibur, founder and CEO of Mailmodo, where we are reinventing emails to help marketers get better ROI and engagement.

The problem with today’s email marketing

Even though emails are affordable, effective, and personalized at scale, unfortunately, they're not built to encourage user conversions.

Long user journeys from email to website/landing pages result in low conversions and limit emails as just channels for information exchange.

Moreover, even though other mediums have evolved, emails are still the same since their beginning.

Unleashing Email 3.0

Mailmodo cuts through this long journey and allows your emails to get higher engagement and conversions using unique emails powered by interactive widgets and a centralized platform that creates, sends, automates and measures email campaigns of all kinds!

With Mailmodo you can add a live poll, calculator, or a spin-the-wheel widget to engage customers.

You can even gamify your emails with a live quiz.

You can enable reservation or appointment bookings inside emails

And get reviews and responses from customers inside their inboxes.

Mailmodo is a complete platform for all your email marketing needs in addition to the superior email experience and conversions that you get. Here’s a summary of what you can do with Mailmodo

  • Create any type of email much faster than other email tools and save your team time & effort with our next-gen email editor
  • Drive higher engagement with interactive widgets such as forms, quizzes, calculators, polls, spin the wheel, and others for use cases like surveys, feedback collection, webinar registrations, cart recovery, admission forms, etc.
  • Integrate with your existing tool stack like Segment, Mixpanel, Hubspot, Zapier, etc. You can also use our APIs to send transactional emails or trigger based on web/platform events
  • Import contacts manually (CSV), with API, or sync contacts with easy CRM & 3rd party app integrations. You can also create contact segments to send targeted emails
  • Automate email sequences with our drag-and-drop journey builder with a variety of triggers and actions.
  • Send 10k emails for free every month and avail YC deal on all paid plans.

Visit us at www.mailmodo.com. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at help@mailmodo.com