🚀 Openpod - Incentivize developer contributions and fundraise quickly for OSS projects

We're helping open source projects launch better with DAO infrastructure and tokens


Imagine if you had been able to buy Ubuntu tokens when it first launched…

Openpod is a DAO-as-a-service platform for open-source projects to incentivize developer contribution and make fundraising easy. Projects can use these governance/utility tokens to compensate developers for their work, let early investors/speculators purchase these tokens, and reward their community.

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Launch ramps for open source projects are broken.

  • It’s hard to get funding as a new or up-and-coming open source project, even if you have believers. Most of the available funds and donations are often taken by the top open source projects.
  • Maintaining consistent contributions from developers is tough since they are volunteering their time. They are also not compensated for work they did in the early phases of a project - even if it's a successful one.
  • It’s tough to get people to use your product early on.

Our Solution:

DAOs have long been a solution in search of a problem. Open source projects are inherently decentralized and function as communities, which are hallmarks of DAOs.

Openpod is a DAO-as-a-service platform for open source projects to establish their own DAO and mint utility tokens. Developers, users, and believers can purchase these tokens on our platform, and get in early on potential growth of the project and the token value. They’ll also be able to vote on new features and how the raised funding has been used. Meanwhile, the project can use this immediate funding for development.

We’re adding Github integration with DAOs so that when developers commit or push to a project’s repos, they’ll get automatically compensated based on the bounties associated with their tasks.


As developers who have worked on open source projects previously, we’ve seen some of the best and brightest people get burnt out while doing work for little to no compensation - especially when these projects are new. So we feel it's only fair to let developers have a way to earn returns on their hard effort in the project.

Our Ask:

We’d love to pilot the DAO creation platform with fellow YC companies! If you have a Github repository, and a few cents to spare, create your very own tokens for your project.

You could use these tokens to incentivize your early users, contributors, and have more people support you as a project.

We’re working on integrations to let token holders redeem the tokens for Open Core/SaaS credits or other perks to ensure your tokens will have value. Users could also sell their tokens to make returns.