EchoLayer (fka Codex)

Codex - Give new meaning to your code base

Discuss and understand your code base from within your IDE. Attach comments, questions, notes or any kind of content to specific lines of code.

What is Codex?

Codex is a VS Code extension that allows any engineer to attach comments, questions, notes or any kind of content to specific lines of code. This context follows your code as your team continues to build. Help your team understand your code base at a deeper level.

Why us?

Karl Clement, Saumil Patel and Brandon Waselnuk have been working together for 8 years now shipping over 50 products across the VC fund they worked at, their own agency, and their own projects. They’ve seen this problem constantly and decided to do something about it.

The problem:

The problem space we’re working on is collaborating on code, passive documentation through code block level context, onboarding and offboarding engineers into a code base. We found this problem on pretty much every software team we’ve worked on - you open a file and don’t know how something runs and have to start asking in #devops chats which leads you on a goose chase to find the engineer that remembers how the monolith runs. It stinks, and when you’re done you move on and finish your work, you don’t really capture everything you learned in DMs and leave it for other team members to learn from.

The solution:

We’ve created an extension for VS Code to allow any engineer to attach their internal knowledge to specific files or lines of code and share it with the rest of the team.

  • Onboard or offboard engineers from your code base 10x faster.
  • Take notes while you code and help your team understand how it was built.
  • Ask the right person a question, without disturbing their flow.
  • Share a direct link to a code block in VS Code instead of sending screenshots.

How you can help:

Your support means the world to us. Here are some things we’d love:

  • Introductions to remote or hybrid engineering teams
  • Shoutouts on Twitter, Tiktok or whatever is cool these days.
  • Use Codex today! We can use all the feedback we can get :)