Garage: Wholesale auto parts marketplace for Africa's 2M+ retailers

We're connecting the worlds largest parts distributors and manufacturers to retailers in Africa

Hello YC Family

This is Gana and Cedric, Co-founders at Garage.

At Garage, we are building the wholesale marketplace for auto parts in Africa


Cedric and I are ex-founders with experience building, scaling and investing in startups in Africa. I used to buy and ship auto parts to my dad in Cameroon and realized that the landing cost once those parts arrived in Cameroon was still cheaper than buying locally. We realized that this issue was due to inefficiencies across the supply chain for parts distribution. Garage aims to solve this problem by building a wholesale marketplace that will power the $25B after sales market in Africa.

The Problem

Over $25B in auto parts sales in Africa occur at neighborhood retail shops. These retail shop owners are the backbone of the aftersales market yet they struggle to survive because

  • They have no visibility into which suppliers have which parts
  • Multiple layers of middle men and low buying power lead to inflated and volatile pricing
  • They don’t have enough working capital to grow their businesses

The Solution

Garage is a wholesale auto parts distributor for Africa, supporting these retailers. We aggregate parts from the largest suppliers in the world and deliver directly to retailers. We are building the largest auto tech platform to reduce the cost of car ownership in Africa by making auto parts more affordable and accessible.