Curacel Grow - Seamlessly add Insurance to your product

We help companies increase recurring revenues by offering digital, embedded insurance products to their customers

Hey there!

Henry and Flash from Curacel here, introducing Curacel Grow to you!

The Problem

Tech-enabled companies want to offer insurance - to create additional value and build loyalty with their customers. They also see this as a secondary source of revenue.

However, the process of making that happen today is extremely complex because the insurers don’t have the tools to make this happen seamlessly.

How does Curacel Grow solve this problem?

Curacel Grow  provides APIs and tools that enables anyone easily embed insurance products within other digital experiences.

With our API, any company can add any type of insurance to their product. Our API enables any digital business to display a real time insurance quote on their product, and their customers can complete a purchase without leaving the app.

Curacel Grow lets you:

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Customer Retention

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