Axle: Plaid for Insurance

Axle is an open platform for insurance, enabling companies to instantly collect, verify, and monitor insurance through consumer-consented data.

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What’s the problem?

Today, both consumer services - like rental car companies and lenders - and gig services/ employers - like rideshare and food delivery - rely on legacy systems, paper, and hours on the phone each day to verify insurance for their customers or contractors with no real way to monitor coverage after the fact. This leads to friction in the checkout/onboarding process, heavy manual overhead for operations teams, and gaps in coverage that result in painful subrogation or expensive claims against umbrella policies.

How do we help?

Axle automates collection, verification, and monitoring of insurance - enabling you to make better-informed decisions in seconds instead of hours.

Axle is built for both operations and product teams. You can get started verifying customers in minutes - no code required - using our Dashboard, or embed Axle’s consent interface directly into your application via our API for a seamless customer experience.


I (Cam) have spent the last 3 years building new ways to access (rental, subscription, etc.) and own (home delivery, service pickup and delivery, etc.) vehicles. Time and time again I’ve painfully collected unverified images of insurance cards and dec pages while leveraging tools like Microblink and Acuant to capture and verify identity documents.

I reached out to a few more operators in our network and quickly validated that they were facing the same issue, so I partnered with Nihar to build Axle: a painless way for consumers to link their insurance data to companies they trust.

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