Eduflow - Build and run social learning experiences 🤝

The platform for all internal and external training needs

Eduflow is a modern learning platform for companies, universities and online bootcamps.

If you are more than 10 people, you need some form of training - like onboarding new employees, sales training or compliance training. Eduflow makes it easy to create and run effective, social and active learning experiences.

Eduflow is used by startups, large companies (like Google), agencies (like Animalz) and universities (like ETH Zürich).

✨ What can you use Eduflow for?

Due to the modular design of Eduflow, you can use it for any kind of training/learning challenge you have. Some of the most popular use-cases we see today are:

  • Employee onboarding - give your new hires a great start with all relevant information. Use our social features to let them interact with their new colleagues and get to know each other.
  • Sales training - train pitching and writing skills with video submissions, peer reviews, manager reviews and other active learning elements.
  • Leadership training - manager and leadership skills are not easy to gauge with a multiple choice quiz. Use some of our social and active features to get people writing, reflecting and interacting.
  • Online bootcamps - you can run your online school or bootcamp on Eduflow teaching everything from coding to sales and marketing.

We also have a library of course templates here where you can get more inspiration to get started.