Polymath Robotics

📍 Polymath Robotics: plug & play autonomy for industrial vehicles

Polymath lets you easily add autonomy to any industrial vehicle, and build your own applications via Rest API.

Hey, we’re Stefan & Ilia, founders of Polymath Robotics.

Polymath makes autonomy software for industrial vehicles.

Today we’re excited to introduce Caladan: a set of simulated vehicles & environments you can use to build autonomous industrial vehicle applications via Rest API.

The problem

Building an autonomous industrial vehicle is a multiyear, multimillion-dollar project. Just getting a vehicle to drive itself reliably takes 6 months of engineering effort at a minimum. Even then, the autonomy itself is often buggy and unreliable, and impossible to transfer across different vehicle types.

As a result, many autonomy companies run out of steam before they even have a reliably-working product … let alone product-market fit.

Our solution: general autonomy software

Polymath software handles generalized basic autonomy — in other words, driving around and not hitting stuff — for any industrial vehicle in a controlled environment. That means autonomous industrial vehicle companies can have an autonomous vehicle on day 1.

Since we’re just working on autonomy, we can focus on making the system stable and reliable. No more battling with weird controls issues or buggy obstacle detection.

Caladan: build on Polymath autonomy in simulation

Caladan makes it easy to build autonomous vehicle behaviors in sim. The tool is a set of simulated vehicles & environments you can use to interact with Polymath autonomy via Rest API.

That means you can program custom autonomous vehicle behaviors and applications using Python, not ROS. And when you’re ready, whatever you’ve built in Caladan can seamlessly transition to a physical vehicle.

Product demo / example application

Here’s an example application you could build with Caladan (you can download the example code here).


The free version of Caladan comes with a simulated farm environment or simulated port environment. You can also reach out to us about a custom environment & vehicle in Caladan.

Does Polymath autonomy work for my vehicle/use case?

Polymath autonomy is limited to industrial vehicles in closed environments, since the system will stop immediately if there’s trouble, and fall back on teleoperation in hazardous situations.

Use case examples: ⛏ Mining trucks • 🚜 Agricultural vehicles • 🌲 Logging trucks • ✈️ Ground support equipment at airports • 🚢 Yard trucks

Can I try it?

Heck yeah. You can try Caladan for free by signing up here.