Moonshot - Angel Investing in athletes 🏈🎾⚽️🏀🚀

Support you favourite athlete early on, share some of their future success

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With Moonshot you can angel invest in athletes. We enable promising athletes to fund their professional journey with the help of a community of backers, in exchange for a portion of their earnings when they make it.

Hey everyone! We’re Youssef and Dimitris, co-founders of Moonshot. We met working at Palantir as software engineers and recently left to build on a mission that is near and dear to our hearts.

What’s the problem?

Becoming a professional athlete is expensive and risky. Professional tennis players spend more than $100,000 annually to finance tournament fees, travel, accommodation, coaching, etc, which is prohibitive for most mere mortals. As a result, only those privileged enough to sustain this deficit can really make it in the sport. This is a real problem for those with underprivileged backgrounds, but don’t just take our word for it, take Hollywood’s. The Blind Side (true story) and Hustle capture this essence in their storylines.

How do we solve this? We bring supporters to the rescue

Back your favourite up-and-coming athlete by investing in their career! When they make it big, you’ll have secured the ultimate bragging rights, and you’ll make a nice return on your investment in the form of a cut (think ~5-10%) on their future earnings.

Athletes get the money they need to continue their professional career. Backers get to meaningfully support their favourites and a significant financial stake in their success. Win win.

Some concrete use cases we’ve come across

  1. Individual sports (Tennis, Golf and Motorsports) - capital may act as a catalyst, by providing the opportunity to fund competition participation and better coaching.
  2. Team sports (Basketball and Football) - capital may act as an insurance policy. A college athlete can capitalise on the potential of a future large contracts in the NBA or NFL.
  3. In most sports, there are one-off career changing events - think of preparation for the NFL Draft Combine, or making a run for the Olympics. Capital may act as a bridge in order for the athlete to reach peak level at the time of the event.

Want to contribute

  1. Sign up to our backers waitlist. We’re launching in September and spots are limited (250).
  2. Know athletes who could benefit from Moonshot? Refer them to info@moonshot.li and get a talent referral bonus if they sign up!
  3. Know backers who’d passionately love to invest in a sport? Refer them to info@moonshot.li and get a backer referral bonus.
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