Medplum: API-first Electronic Health Record - that’s open source

Medplum makes it fast and easy to build white-label medical apps that look good AND are compliant and integration-ready day one.

Reshma, Cody and Rahul 👋 - Medplum in YC announcement is extra special for us because this fall marks 10 years of YC for our team.  We were the founding team of MedXT (W13) and I (Reshma) spent 2021 as a Visiting Group Partner for the W21 and S21 batches.

We are back and building Medplum! Why?

Medical apps are notoriously hard to build and maintain, largely due to all the stakeholders involved and the byzantine incentive system.  We were inspired by trailblazing open source YC companies Gitlab, PostHog, Airbyte and many others who solve similar complex problems in other domains. We believe the open source model will be especially impactful for healthcare.

Our ask: use us to build your next medical app!