NewsCatcher - News API for risk and data teams

We help data and risk enterprise teams get instant access to machine-readable news from over 40,000 online news sources

tl;dr: We make it easy for data, market research, and risk teams to integrate machine-readable news feed into their internal analytics system.

Hey Fam, we're Artem and Maksym and we're building NewsCatcher. We're on a mission to empower data-driven organizations with the highest quality and easiest-to-use News API.

❌ The Problem

It’s easy to consume news as a human: you open Google News and read.

Now, imagine:

  • you work for a bank, and you have to perform negative news searches for all new & existing accounts for anti-money laundering & financial crime checks
  • you work for a PR firm that has to monitor news mentions on your clients and their competitors
  • you’re an analyst in an investment firm, and you need to calculate news sentiment for each company on the market over the past N years
  • you want to show relevant news to the users on your app to make them spend more time on it

“Humans reading the news” is not a scalable way to resolve a problem anymore, and it’s expensive.

✨ Our Solution

Search and integrate news with code. Find news articles by any topic, country, language, website, or keyword with REST JSON News API.
Go ahead, and make some API calls on our demo page.

We’ve built a generic news crawler that automatically finds new articles, normalizes them, and indexes them. So, you can now automate the news consumption and analysis via an API.

You can read more over this link from our knowledge base.

Here is how an article would look in our search:

Top 3 use cases from our clients:

  • risk intelligence: find insights in the news before they get visible in financial reports days or months later
  • integrate news into your app
  • media monitoring on millions of companies all around the world

🙏 Asks

  1. Try our News API: claim your API key, or/and book a technical session with us
  2. Are you experienced with extracting data from HTML, or you’re an NLP expert? We’d love to chat!