Kashin: The preferred financial app for the underbanked in Latam

Meet Kashin, the digital wallet that is trusting the underbanked in Latam

Hi everyone, we are Kashin, and our goal is to give access to financial products - not just bank accounts - to the informal economy in Latin America.

We serve users directly through our app. Our core product is a digital wallet, but we decided to start with the most difficult value-added product of all: Loans.

The main issue behind lending in this segment is the high default rate - traditionally around 15%, and we have it below 8%. Our major disruption is our collaborative credit algorithm so that our users create their own social network of endorsers in our mobile app. The benefits improve according to the behavior of the user and his friends.

Since many of our users are micro-entrepreneurs, we are developing our second product: a Soft-POS so that our users can receive credit and debit card payments immediately directly from our app without any initial cost.

We have launched in Peru, but will soon expand to Colombia. We are currently a more than 50 people fully remote team with several nationalities, so we expect to serve several Latam countries soon.

We are happy to collaborate with micro-entrepreneurs service providers in the region that can add value to their users with our products.

Chris and Tex - Founders