🌆Landeed: Do you own your property in India? Are you sure? Let's check 🕵🏽

Landeed is India's first, fastest and only multi-state property title checker🥇

TL; DR We make it easy for real estate agents, owners, developers, bankers and legal advisors to instantly check property titles. Our Landeed app retrieves government generated Encumbrance Certificate (EC) within seconds. This document summarizes all present and past transactions pertaining to a property going back multiple decades.

Namaste 🙏🏽 we are Jonathan, ZJ and Sanjay, the three musketeers fighting for your land rights. This is our second YC startup together and have known one another for 7 (lucky) years.

💀 Serious Problem 🚨

Approximately 67% of all court cases in India deal with land-related disputes. This is due to India’s legal framework of “presumptive ownership.” Under this model, the due diligence on property purchases falls on the buyer with government claiming no responsibility. Furthermore, there is no concept of a single “title document” leading to prolonged due diligence phase ranging from 2-6 months whereas most property transactions in US can be concluded in 2-4 days.

🧪Landeed Solution ⚡

Landeed is a national property title search engine. Use our app and check property transaction ledger going back 20 years in 2 seconds. Think of it as “Google of real estate titles.” We built a standardized interface simplifying the multiple search methods across states into an intuitive and fluid user experience. Next up, Landeed for the world not just India!

🪄Let’s talk about the magic 👏🏽

Landeed weaves together multiple government departments across various states producing a “plaid-like” property summary data. Whereas government platforms focus on taxing users for civic micro-services and document generation, our product is built around specific user profiles that have strong intent to transact. The end-result of this approach is a consumer-centric product with enterprise capabilities. Search property titles 10x faster guaranteed or money back ! (it’s free for YC)

🤵🏽Damn I look good (the app) 📲

🗺️And yes, we support multiple states (Home court advantage: TS 🏏)


  1. Download Landeed app if you or anyone that you know have property in India
  2. Request a state to launch if we are not currently covering it! We have a high demand waitlist and are constructing our build plans accordingly
  3. Follow us on twitter and give us your feedback. It’s still day zero at Landeed.
  4. If you have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it at founders@landeed.com
  5. And of course, if you feel what we are building is impactful, we would appreciate the upvote!
  6. Full disclosure and request: Do not illegally trespass, set up meat shacks (it will be bulldozed 🐂) or try to sell our lands without our express written consent and permission
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