🌕 Lyra – Spend your crypto anywhere

💳 Lyra enables anyone to generate Visa cards using their crypto

Hi! Kadir and Griffin here to announce the launch of Lyra. 👋


Lyra is a platform that makes spending Crypto every day possible. The platform provides an intuitive dashboard & chrome extension that allows you to create Visa cards on demand using the most popular crypto currencies.

Why we built Lyra? 🤔

There’s currently only two methods to use your crypto what it was originally meant for, spending it. You have to send your crypto to an exchange and wait days for it to reach your bank account or hope to find a retailer that’s integrated a crypto payment processor. The reality is crypto users need an intuitive way to spend their crypto daily. Currently, there’s no way to spend crypto on the largest e-commerce platforms like eBay, Walmart, Target, etc without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

Solution - Lyra 💫

Lyra provides a dashboard and chrome extension that makes spending crypto simple. Our chrome extension provides checkout assistance on top of all the functionality of the dashboard. At checkout on major retailers a Lyra checkout button will appear that displays all available cards to the user and auto fills their info with a single click! Lyra users don't have to expose their private keys or personal information. Your crypto, your keys. Choose any of the major cryptos, load up your balance, and generate your card. In three easy steps you’re ready to spend at any retailer of your choice. Check it out. 👇




Card Creation

Our Ask 🙏

  1. We would love to hear your thoughts! Has this been a pain point for you? Let us know.
  2. Make sure to share Lyra with anyone you think could benefit from it.

Website: https://paywithlyra.com

Email: founders@nftaccess.app

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