Provision 🏗️📃 - Ironclad for construction

Provision helps owners and constructors understand their commercial documents, collaborate with team members, and reduce risk, increasing profits by 5-10%.

We’re Brendan and Luigi and we’re the co-founders of Provision.

The construction industry spends $500B annually (~4% of market value) on issues stemming from document complexity. Documents are becoming longer, harder to read, and contain obligations that go unchecked eroding profitability. Currently, people use CTRL+F to navigate thousands of pages and Excel to extract information, often resulting in missed obligations, and unexpected costs.

Construction professionals need to understand and manage all of the requirements held within these documents, because missing them means delays, budget overruns and even failed projects.

Enter Provision
Provision ingests contracts, specs and drawings, and gives users tools to manage risks, obligations and compliance.

Both Luigi and Brendan worked in the construction industry for years before starting Provision. Brendan left the industry, and built two startups over a couple of years but always had aspirations to go back to construction. Luigi worked as a Director at an infrastructure developer for 6 years, where he saw even the most sophisticated constructors fail to understand their documents. We came together in December of 2021 through YC to build something impactful.

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And if anyone has any warm connections to GCs or subcontractors in North America who builds big projects (50M+), we would love an intro. founders@getprovision.co

Also, we’re hiring for Data Engineer and SWE roles. careers@getprovision.co

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