Pivo Technology Inc

Pivo - Bank Accounts and Payments for Freight Carriers in Africa

Meet Pivo, a platform that centralizes the way freight carriers collect, make and track payments.

The Problem

SMEs in supply chains are constantly battling cash flow problems. These SMEs do not get paid in advance and have narrow windows (2 to 7 days) to execute orders. Yet their invoices take as long as 90 days to pay. This is further compounded by an inefficient way to track how and when they get paid. They are left struggling to execute large client orders and miss out on significant business opportunities and earnings.

The Pivo Solution

Starting with freight carriers, Pivo provides easy access to a smart bank account, debit card and digital invoicing tools that track payments so they can get paid faster.

This will be further augmented by more fundamental financial products such as access to credit and expense management, to improve cash flow for these SMEs.

Our goal is to build an end-to-end financial operating system for these businesses.

Our Ask

Know any supply chain companies or tech platforms looking for a smart financial partner for their SME vendors? We’d love to connect with them. Send us an email: founders@pivo.africa.