Bridgecard 💳 The card issuer for Africa

Meet Bridgecard, we help fintech companies issue cards in Africa.

Hello 👋, we are Tunde and Festus, the founders of Bridgecard.

The problem 😓:

Data has become affordable in most parts of Africa, for example, the price of mobile data has dropped by over 75% in Nigeria over the past 5 years.

Local people have started consuming global services like Netflix, AWS, AliExpress, Udemy, etc. but don’t have a card to pay for these services. Local banks in Africa haven’t been able to support international transactions on the local currency cards.

I traveled to the US for the first time 2 months ago and almost got stranded at the airport because I found out that Uber in SanFrancisco does not accept cash and my local bank card didn’t work. I was able to hack together a card, add it to the app, and Uber down to my location.

Our Solution 💳:

Bridgecard makes it easy for any fintech company to issue their customers a card that will carry a MasterCard or Visa logo and work anywhere in the world.

We provide easy-to-integrate APIs to issue virtual and physical cards and we can get you started in 5 days or less.

My co-founder and I got into YC to build something different but our previous card issuer stopped supporting over 20 other companies and us in Nigeria alone so we couldn’t keep our product in the market.

We woke up one morning and decided to be the card issuer ourselves.

Ask 🤝:

If you’re building a fintech product and you need to issue cards in Africa, check out Bridgecard or send me a mail at tunde@bridgecard.co.

We’ll be glad to work with you.