Cambio 🏗️🌎🚀 Decarbonizing commercial real estate at scale

Cambio helps commercial real estate companies and their corporate tenants decarbonize their buildings

Hi! We’re Steph and Leia, co-founders of Cambio.


Buildings drive 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. The need for the commercial real estate industry to achieve net zero emissions has never been stronger, as 60% of the Fortune 500 has issued climate pledges and 50 municipalities have mandated building emissions reductions.


Yet today’s approach to implement sustainability across real estate portfolios is broken. Teams rely on manual, expensive and fragmented consultant engagements, requiring thousands of team hours and millions of dollars in upfront cost, just to know where to take action across the portfolio. After years of manually hunting down utility data, sifting through static 100-page reports and building one-off financial models for every building in the portfolio, real estate managers are desperate for a better way.

Enter Cambio

We’ve lived this painful user journey. That’s why we’re building Cambio - to disrupt and automate this process. We help commercial landlords and corporate tenants measure the carbon footprint of their buildings and identify high-impact retrofits that drive both cost savings and decarbonization. Cambio ingests building data to provide the optimal path to net zero at both the portfolio level and individual building level.


We met as roommates at Stanford while pursuing our MBAs and MS in the Sustainable Built Environment. On move-in day, we discovered we both worked in commercial real estate and joked over a glass of wine that we should team up to start a company together. The rest is history!

We’re building the solution we wished we had across our fourteen years working at leading commercial real estate players like KKR, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Oxford Properties.  We’ve lived the pain point and are ready to deliver our solution to the market.

The Ask

We’re rapidly growing our technical team (SWE, Data Engineering, Data Scientist) and also looking for warm intros to any company who wants to make their real estate footprint more sustainable.


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