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Hi YC!

I'm Aatish and today we're excited to launch Strac’s Zendesk Redactor!

Problem 😠

Customers post sensitive personal information (PII or PHI) on zendesk tickets for a given business function. Some of the burning reasons on why your Zendesk account needs to be protected:

  • Data Leaks: All organizations are subject to security attacks. Zendesk is also not immune. In 2016 Zendesk was subject to a data breach exposing 10,000 Zendesk accounts where sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) was accessed.
  • Insider Attacks: Between 2018 and 2020, there was a 47% increase in insider threat incidents. This includes malicious data exfiltration and accidental data loss.‍
  • Compliance: Every day government legislation is passing Consumer Privacy laws geared to protect consumer data from malicious entities. California and Illinois have been the latest to introduce these laws, including a Biometric Information Privacy Act. For many organizations, data can be spread across a wide range of systems, which can be challenging to keep up with Privacy law enactments. It is a nightmare for companies to do manual cleanup of those sensitive messages sitting within your employee's zendesk account as deep inspection is time consuming and error-prone. At the same time, you need to stay compliant and prevent exfiltration of sensitive data.

Solution 🚀

Strac Zendesk App is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software. It masks (aka redacts) sensitive comments and attachments while still giving the opportunity to authorized users to view those zendesk tickets in Strac UI Vault. A business can configure a list of sensitive data elements (SSN, DoB, DL, Passport, CC#, Debit Card, API Keys, etc.) to redact. Compliance, Risk and Security officers will get audit reports of who accessed what messages.

Below is a sample list of sensitive data elements that will be detected & redacted:

  • PII: Name, Address, Email, Phone, DoB, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, etc.
  • Identification: Drivers License, Passport, SSN (Social Security Number), etc.
  • Payments: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Account, Routing Numbers, etc.
  • Credentials: API Keys, Passwords, Passphrases etc.
  • Crypto Secrets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Addresses, etc.
  • PHI: PII data, Medical Record Number (MRN), Medical Notes, etc.
  • Physical Network: IP Addresses, MAC Address, etc.
  • Custom: Create your own rules or use regex

Please checkout our demo: https://youtu.be/pto-VdAsCTs

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