Pasito - Saving companies and employees money on healthcare and payroll

We integrate payroll, financial, and claims data to optimize employee benefits coverage and utilization

Tl;dr: Pasito uses personal health, payroll, and financial data to guide employees to elect and use their health and voluntary benefits. For companies, we drastically cut avoidable healthcare and payroll spending. For employees, we provide personalized guidance on their healthcare and benefits and save them time and money. Connect with Pasito today.

Hi everyone, we are Pauline, Ignacio, and Julie and we're on a mission to improve financial and health outcomes for individuals and their families through smarter employee benefits elections and engagement.

🧨 The Problem: Health and wealth benefits are a maze

Employees blindly select their health and wealth benefits which means employees are often over-insured while under-saving for retirement.

Take our client Sarah as an example. Sarah elects her company’s PPO health plan because she isn’t sure which option to choose. Based on her family’s income and health data, Sarah could have saved over $2,000 by electing and using an HSA-eligible health plan. These savings could have gone to paying for medical expenses, paying down debt, or saving for retirement.

Since Sarah’s company pays 80% of health insurance premiums, they have also overspent $3,000+.

🎉 The Solution: Personalized benefits selection and engagement at scale

Pasito saves companies money on healthcare and payroll by guiding their employees to make better and more efficient health and retirement benefits decisions. Our webapp uses company and personal data to optimize benefits coverage and help employees use their benefits year-round including:

💼 Payroll data

❤️ Health data

🪙 Financial data

👱🏽 Family data

🏢 Benefits data

Using Pasito, employees:

✔️ Save $2,000+ on average

✔️ Finallyyyy understand how to use their benefits

And companies:

✔️ Save thousands (if not millions) of dollars on premiums, healthcare expenses, and payroll taxes

✔️ Show the value of their full benefits package to employees and candidates

✔️ Reduce the personal questions received from employees

💲Opportunity: The thrilling scope and impact of our market

There are 300 Sarahs in every company of 1,000 employees. That’s almost $1m in wasted health and benefits spend for Sarah’s company.

Across the US there are 48 million Sarahs and a mind-shattering $200+ billion is wasted each year from poor health insurance and benefits elections. This capital could instead be invested to deliver better financial and health outcomes, and to reduce the $190+ billion in US medical debt.

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