🧑‍🚀 Massdriver - Production-ready cloud infrastructure in minutes

Massdriver handles the boring parts of cloud infrastructure management and DevOps so your team can focus on building great products.

tl;dr Engineers spend 20-30% of their time reading cloud documentation and fidgeting with tools like Terraform or doing 'ClickOps.' With Massdriver, engineers can provision secure, production-ready cloud infrastructure in minutes without cloud expertise using a simple diagramming interface.

Hey all, we’re Cory, Chris, and David, the team behind Massdriver. We’re on a mission to radically simplify cloud infrastructure management and ‘DevOps.’

😢 The Problem

For many organizations, DevOps is no longer a set of practices and culture. It’s a separate team with its own backlog slowing down your product development. Software today isn’t simply code on a computer. It’s a series of ~~tubes~~ APIs and services stitched together with YAML, tools like Terraform, and complex IAM rules. A bunch of boring plumbing that is slowing down your feature velocity.

🪄 Our Solution

Massdriver is a visual development platform that lets engineers focus on what services they need from the cloud and easily connect them without worrying about implementation details. Massdriver takes care of secret management, provisioning, parity, best practices, and IAM so your team can focus on your product. Our infrastructure and application bundles are open source, so you can modify them as your organization evolves or create your own and extend the platform.

⚙ How It Works

Developers can quickly connect dozens of pre-built infrastructure and application bundles designed by industry experts to provision secure production-ready infrastructure in minutes. Massdriver focuses on developer needs, not the implementation details of infrastructure, making it easy for developers of any caliber to get great infrastructure instantly.

Our pre-built infrastructure bundles can be forked and modified, and the community can also design their own bundles using Terraform and Helm to extend the platform.

🚀 Out of This World Features

  • Parity management with replication support for infrastructure and applications between regions, environments, and cloud accounts
  • Integrated secret management that injects credentials directly into your applications environment variables
  • Automated principle of least privilege for IAM
  • Dozens of best-practice reference architecture infrastructure bundles to get started, each open-sourced and designed by industry experts
  • Compliance and security scanning for official infrastructure bundles
  • Activity and audit logs of every change to ease your path to compliance
  • Visually compare differences between environments like staging and production or between deployments
  • Integrated alerting and monitoring
  • Application support for containerized and serverless workloads
  • Enterprise-ready deployments for SaaS products - your product in your customer's cloud account today.

🙏 Asks

Try it out! Feel free to register on the site and try it out; no credit card is required. If you like it, we have a stellar deal for all YC companies.

Join us on GitHub, or DM us on Twitter!

If you have 10 minutes to chat about Massdriver, please book a time with me here 😊