Keyri: QR login

Launching Keyri self-service - Add QR login to your webpage in as little as a day.

After over a year developing an enterprise-grade authentication system, we are excited to launch our self-service platform aimed at making developer lives easier. Our solution allows you to add QR authentication to your webpage in a few simple steps. With this, you can add a QR code next to your existing login methods or go full passwordless with biometric authentication for mobile and web.

The Problem

Mobile authentication is perfect because biometrics exist on all mobile devices. Simply open an app, pass biometrics, and you’re in, yet the lack of biometric availability on many computers makes web authentication an incredible pain. It’s tedious and unsecure.

Whether login entails remembering a password, entering a code, clicking an email link, or using an authenticator app, each of these solutions creates more friction than biometrics while also leaving users with reduced security.

I always have my phone with me, it’s next to my computer, why can’t I extend the trust that exists on mobile biometrics to web?

Our Solution

Extend the trust that exists with mobile biometrics to web with Keyri QR authentication. Users simply scan a QR code on your login page with their smartphone, are automatically redirected to your mobile app, and pass biometrics within your app to log into your webpage.

It’s incredibly simple biometric-based authentication paired with our advanced device intelligence and risk analytics to create the most robust phishing-resistant MFA.



Check it out. We would love to get your feedback at grant@keyri.com or founders@keyri.com. We have both free and paid plans available so you can get started right away.