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Order, equip, manage your devices for your distributed teams

Hello, everyone! This is Angelo here to introduce Swif!

The Problem

In my last startup LeadIQ, I managed 2 remote teams in the US and Singapore. It was really painful to manage devices and cloud app access for employees in different locations. We wanted a better understanding of company devices and employee’s cloud app access, and we used a giant Excel sheet to solve this problem, only to find that the solution can not scale. We took time to find solutions to set up, configure, and then discover that the capabilities of each solution were incomplete or buggy. Companies were wasting money and time. The challenges were real, painful and increased company risks. Employee onboarding and offboarding were a nightmare.

Our Solution

Swif helps distributed teams manage their devices, purchase new ones, and retrieve them when employees leave the company.

Why do we need a new solution for device management?

You might work in California but have team members distributed in Texas, New York, Paris, and Singapore. Things like these might occur to you:

  1. Sending, retrieving, and storing devices for remote teams is painful.
  2. Losing data for security risks could keep you up at night.
  3. Employee data is across multiple platforms, eg. Gusto and Deel, and have no audit trails of who owns which devices.

👉 Next steps

  1. Sign up for Swif and subscribe with promo code ‘ycdeal’ to enjoy one-year free premium features.
  2. Import your employees from your HRIS. We currently support 30 HRIS connections!
  3. Follow the Quick Start to set up your system to enroll devices and link us to your Apple business manager.

Want to start taking control of your remote fleet?

Visit us at https://www.swif.ai or reach out to us at support@swif.ai.