OneSchema: Embeddable CSV Importer for SaaS

Product and engineering teams use OneSchema to save months of development time to build a CSV importer.

Hi everyone, we’re Christina and Andrew, co-founders of OneSchema. We’re very excited to share the launch of our new product line with you!

Founders Backstory

As a product manager and engineering manager, we both suffered through months of wasted engineering time building CSV importers instead of core product features. Even after launch, the maintenance never seemed to end - parsing issues, performance improvements, and UX issues always seemed to pop up.

We decided to build OneSchema so product teams could focus on the features that matter most to their customers.

What is OneSchema?

OneSchema is an embeddable CSV importer for SaaS companies. Product and engineering teams use OneSchema to save months of development and maintenance time and provide a best-in-class CSV import process for their customers. OneSchema cleans customer data during import, and offers helpful suggestions for resolving errors.

Our product team is laser-focused on making data onboarding as fast and seamless as possible for your customers. We are a developer-first platform and have built OneSchema so you can have production-ready CSV import set up in less than a day.

We'd love to hear from you!

We’re excited to help companies deliver a delightful onboarding experience for their users. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to book a demo here or reach out to us at founders@oneschema.co