Close pitches & deals faster with fun and interactive presentations

What we help with

Send a Journey when you want to win a deal:

  • Thousands of founders fundraise via Journey
  • Hundreds of B2B sales deals are won via Journey

Journeys are fun to receive because they’re beautiful and contain all the information and next steps a person needs. You can include slides, PDFs, videos, Looms, calendar embeds — just about anything.

🐣 Stop sending a bunch of erratic links and start sending a beautiful personalized Journey.

What is it, specifically

Journeys are webpages that have the structure of slides:

On the left you have the steps of your pitch, and then each step can be all sorts of content: Slides, Videos, Onboarding Checklists, Calendars, or anything else.

Okay. I made a Journey. Now what?

Journeys have rich insights about who is opening and viewing your content. It’s like having Google Analytics for your pitch.

Confused? Not Impressed? Hungry?

Check out our Journey Gallery for some beautiful examples!