💳 Multis USD - Checking Accounts & Corporate Cards for web3 startups

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TL;DR: you can now use Multis as a banking account to manage both crypto and USD from a single app. It’s designed for your web3 startup, gives you free unlimited corporate cards, ACH & wire transfers, and allows you to buy/sell crypto in seconds. We approve new accounts within a day!

Hey guys, I'm Tee from Multis. We're on a mission to provide corporate cards & spending management tools designed specifically for web3 teams. Meet the team!

❌ The Problem(s)

  1. Web3 teams have a significant part of their assets in tokens sitting in treasury, but still have business expenses such as travel bills or web hosting that require USD.
  2. Opening up an account on trading apps such as Binance or FTX takes months. Banks don't want to work with web3 startups, leading to funding freezes or never-ending compliance checks.
  3. Many founders end up paying expenses or converting crypto from their own personal banking and exchange accounts. This isn't compliant nor scalable.

🌟 Our solution

Multis has become the one stop shop to manage, convert and spend — no need to exchange your crypto anymore!

  • Buy/sell crypto and use funds right away to pay expenses and run a payroll in both crypto and USD
  • Issue Multis Corporate Cards to spend your treasury in goods and services, both offline and online
  • Send and receive ACH and wires (no fees, no limit) to pay your vendors and receive money from clients and investors
  • Make your accountant and investors happy with crypto reporting and accounting exports for both crypto and USD

... all with the safety guarantees of Gnosis Safe!


  1. If you're a web3 company/DAO dealing with treasury in cryptocurrencies (incl. USDC/T), sign up now and benefit from exclusive perks.
  2. If you're a VC fund/investor/incorporator/agency, feel free to reach out! We're always on the lookout for potential partnerships. We'll offer deals and priority onboardings to your portfolio companies.

💌 Get access now!

Send me an email (thibaut@multis.co) and we’ll give you priority access to your account and YC perks . We'd love your feedback too!