Café ☕️ Social Hub for Hybrid Teams

Connect teams across your organization through real-life interactions

Café connects teams across your organization through real-life interactions. Build authentic relationships based on interests with events, groups, and communities — all in one place.

❌ The Problem

As managers in the new hybrid world, we realized our teammates were lacking connection. It’s now harder than ever to engage with company culture and establish new relationships.

✨ Our Solution

Café prioritizes interests so that hybrid teams can discover and create communities at work. Café is where people from the entire organization connect with intention, based on their location, hobbies, and schedule.

⚙️ How it works

Café integrates your daily apps (like Slack, Google Calendar, and HR tools) so you don’t have to worry about sharing your location schedule in different places. We help teammates connect and meet up through Events at the office, in coworking spaces, or even in cafés!

🚀 Sign up

We offer unlimited seats within our free plan with all the basic features, try Café with your team today!

Send me an email (tom@at.cafe) and we’ll give you priority access to your account. We'd love your feedback too!