Dots - 🤖 no-code bot builder for Discord

Build delightful experiences in Discord without code

We’re Sanket and Pranav, co-founders of Dots. Dots helps community teams support and engage their Discord communities through automation and member insights.

😩 Problem:

We have built communities in the past, and often we saw a ton of repetitive manual work required to build a great community. Community leads spend hours kicking bots/toxic members or answering FAQs, leading to burn out. Specifically on Discord, mods of busy servers are patching together 10 bots or building custom bots to add structure to their server. This is super confusing for community members too.

✨ Solution

Enter Dots - a no-code automation builder that helps community leads build great experiences in their Discord servers! Communities like Chainlink, the NBA, and Splice use Dots to onboard and engage thousands of members in their communities. The product consists of:

  • No code bot builder: You can pick a trigger (e.g when a user joins a community, or when they click a button), and define various actions to fire off after (e.g. send a message, send a survey, etc). You can think about it like Typeform for Discord on steroids 🙂

  • 📈 Member analytics : Tag members into segments directly from Discord and identify community champions (or members about to churn)

👀 See it in action:

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If you run a Discord, we would love love love your feedback! Dots has a powerful free tier, and our paid pricing starts at $29 / mo and up for more advanced features & very large communities.

If you have any questions, DM us on twitter, or join our Discord!