Happl - Set up global benefits and recognition in seconds 🌍📦⚡

We manage all of your people engagement initiatives whilst saving you money and time on implementation, admin, and compliance.

TL;DR: Happl saves you time and money all whilst managing all of your people engagement and recognition initiatives. For leaders, we handle flexible benefits, allowances, insurance, and manager-to-employee gifting, all whilst ensuring you’re staying compliant. For employees, we use benefits as communities within your existing stack to engage, as well as understand them on a personal and inclusive level through interests and goals.

🤯 The problem

Employees are not offered personal and inclusive benefits that have an impact, resulting in poor uptake, whilst often founders aren’t sure how to engage their global teams effectively.

Companies often roll out company-wide benefits such as a meditation app, or learning platform, in the hope that it’s going to magnificently fix their engagement and retention problems. We hate to break it to you, but that isn’t cutting it.

Our solution? Flip traditional benefits on their head ⬇️

  • Flexible spend allowances, with controls and international support
  • A marketplace fo recommendations and discounts of quality over quantity
  • Community benefits, connect over shared benefits within slack
  • Personal and inclusive employee profiles for impactful recommendations
  • Manager engagement budgets with prompts and reminders for employee gifting

Who’s it for? 🌍

We know what it’s like firsthand to scale a company with the weight of ensuring your team is engaged, and it’s not easy. Many of our users, who we like to call Happling’s (we’re working on that) have employees in many regions and simply want to consolidate their benefit allowance and roll it out with ease. Others want to make sure they’re getting the best prices and save money through benchmarking.

We support start-ups from 5 employees or more, all the way through to more mature companies with thousands of employees like Google, NatWest Bank, The Metropolitan Police, and more.

How it works 💡

We handle everything from the get-go, with a speedy onboarding process through connecting with your HRIS and Accounting software. Rolling out spend allowances or manager expense cards is as simple as choosing an amount. We automatically detect multiple locations and convert the allowances so it’s fair for all employees.

Employees can sign up with SSO and curate a profile that's personal and inclusive to them. We can share this information with managers prior to gifting or organising a team event to engage.

How to get on it 🖥️

Take advantage of our YC Deal email me at ben@happl.com