FlexDesk - Booking engine for coworking space

We help companies book, manage, and track their spend on coworking space

👋 Hey everyone, we’re Clark & Dhanvi from FlexDesk.

Tl;dr: Through FlexDesk, your employees can search and book from a network of 7,000+ coworking locations worldwide. For employers, FlexDesk makes it easy to create spend policies, track bookings, and streamline billing across all employees, geos, & brands.

🥴 Problem

1 - Search and discovery: The coworking landscape is fragmented. Less than 65% of people live within a 50 mile radius to a WeWork location. 75% of workers have experienced it taking longer than 30 minutes to identify and book a coworking space.

2 - Spend controls and tracking: It is currently hard to create and enforce standardized spend/booking controls. Companies have reported employees renting $400+ daily conference rooms to serve as their ‘personal office’.

3 - Payments: Employees are currently required to pay for each booking using a credit card and submit for reimbursement. This is cumbersome for both employees and the company’s Accounting department, especially when dealing with multiple currencies.

🔥 Solution

1 - Booking engine: Search and rent from a network of 7,000 coworking locations worldwide - including WeWork, Regus, and thousands of local brands.

2 - Compliance + system of record: Create and enforce custom booking/spend policies. Track and analyze all bookings to inform and refine coworking strategy.

3 - Streamlined billing: One bill across all employees, geos, and brands.

💵 Bottom line impact

FlexDesk is a win-win-win across all major stakeholders at a company.

  • For Real Estate teams: Eliminates manual work that previously took up 15% of their workweek.
  • For Finance teams: Unlocks 10% savings compared to going direct with a single coworking brand. Unlocks 60%+ savings compared to a traditional lease strategy.
  • For People teams: Empowers employees with the freedom of choice to find a coworking space that fits their needs and within a short commute.

🤔 Why do companies use coworking space?

  • Distributed workforce: Hiring across the US/world, while simultaneously downsizing and even exiting office leases given low utilization + high opex.
  • Dynamic space needs: Established an ongoing need to support employees with space for in-person collaboration, to meet with clients, and to escape WFH.
  • Flexible and cost-efficient: Coworking space offers companies the flexibility to address each of these needs at a significantly lower cost than a traditional lease.

Enter FlexDesk to offer spend controls, data visibility, and a booking engine with global coverage 🌎

😎 How to sign up

If your business currently uses coworking space or is thinking about it, we would love to chat with you or the appropriate person at your company. Email clark@flexdesk.com and dhanvi@flexdesk.com or schedule a meeting with us here.