Invopop - Global sales tax compliance with a single integration

Invopop helps companies comply with global Sales Tax/VAT reporting requirements.

Hey YC! 👋
We are Sam and Juan, co-founders of Invopop, and we are on a mission to simplify Sales Tax/VAT compliance, globally.

🧨 The problem: new sales reporting requirements

Tax authorities around the world are starting to require that companies report every sale, in real-time for tax recording purposes. Yes, every single transaction, in real-time (i.e. electronic invoicing)

This is already required in most LatAm countries and India, and the majority of European countries are making it mandatory in the next 1-3 years.

🎉  Our solution: one API, global compliance

Our API receives the information of a sale in a simple open-source format and converts it to a locally-compliant invoice, including

  • Sync with tax authorities reporting requirements (e-invoicing).
  • Generate a custom-branded PDF invoice and send it to customers.
  • Integrate with the company’s stack (e.g. ERP, billing, payments, reconciliation).

Invopop is already live in Colombia, Spain & Portugal. Many more coming soon: Mexico, Italy, Peru…

🚀 Why we built Invopop

Sam was previously co-founder & CTO of Cabify, and as they expanded to LatAm, complying with the e-invoicing requirements became a nightmare. As he could not find a global provider to solve this, he built Invopop.

Juan worked as a consultant in Mexico and was blown away by how complex the e-invoicing system was. When he learned this is becoming mandatory in Europe, he knew Invopop was needed!

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