Modulari-T 🧬 Unleash the full power of the immune system

We teach your immune system to attack and cure cancer.

Modulari-T AWAY!

Hi YC, this is @David and @Stephanie from @Modulari-T launching!


Modulari-T is a cell therapy company that can teach your immune system to attack and cure cancer.

We are a dynamic group of scientists bringing together protein engineering, synthetic biology, and immunology to create the world’s most powerful cell programming platform.

By introducing our optimized gene sequences inside immune cells, we can create treatments that are 2x potent as chemotherapy, but that avoids 90% of harmful side-effects.

Today, cell therapy has a high failure rate and is difficult to produce, leaving 20M patients without hope. Modulari-T has the technology to fix this, bring hope to cancer patients, and supercharge the cell therapy market to grow beyond $50B by the end of the decade.


Connect us with people in the ecosystem! Do you know anyone working in cell therapy or oncology? We want to talk to them, to know about their pain points - academic, biotech/pharma or physicians.

We are hiring! Are you a synthetic biologist or immunologist? Ready to join a new adventure? Become part of the Modulari-T squad (Mod Squad!) in beautiful Montreal!


We have built a platform to produce a new type of receptor, the Modular Actuation Receptor Complex or MARC, that mimics the modular architecture of immune receptors. These receptors can be used to reprogram immune cells to recognize cancer antigens and direct an immune response against tumor cells. Compared to CAR-T cells, MARCs have twice the tumor clearing power and avoid causing immune exhaustion to ensure a long lasting response.

The MARC’s unique architecture allows us to link any extracellular cue with the required signalling outputs across different pathways to achieve therapeutic success.

Oncology is only the first step; the MARC platform is applicable to autoimmunity, neurology, regenerative medicine and more!


Are you a Cell Therapy company? Let us show you how Modulari-T’s MARC platform can help your development. Our platform can do anything but we can’t do everything alone. That’s why we want to partner with you and bring hope to as many patients as we can.

Thank you!