OpenSight - Automate your customer support questions (and actions!)

AI-powered solution to automate even the hard and time-consuming customer questions and requests

Hi YC! Vickie, Jeff, and I (Ruoni) are excited to introduce OpenSight!

Tl;dr: OpenSight is a customer support automation tool that resolves >70% of your customers’ questions by automating actions in addition to providing text-based responses.

❌ The Problem

You are a B2C SaaS, e-Commerce, Marketplace, FinTech company with tons of tickets growing every day, support is becoming really expensive and your Intercom bot solves 30% of the tickets after either you or your head of ops spent hundreds of hours finding and creating examples to train the bot. (A notable portion of which are customers who just rage quit and counted as contained)

✨ Our Solution

Automatic Answering Bot

  • Learn from your FAQ, past agent responses AND agent actions to 2-3x your current chatbot’s containment to 70 - 90%
  • Give your customer precise answers to the question asked (check out this comparison of our answer bot vs. Stripe’s help center and doc, and try it yourself here)

  • More than just a simple embeddings search fed into GPT - our proprietary algorithm uses statistical modeling to adjust answer relevancy and filter out irrelevant or case-specific content to ensure vetted and up-to-date answers
  • Promptly perform the actions that your customers request when the right conditions are met

Agent Assist

  • Draft answers and allow agents to perform lengthy yet repetitive actions with a single click, saving up to 80% of handle time

  • Surface the relevant customer data at the right time to give your agents confidence without cluttering their workspace with unnecessary details

⚙️ How it works

  1. An initial call to understand your needs - We support multiple languages and integrations (Zendesk, Intercom, Front, and more)
  2. Signing a data-sharing agreement for us to analyze your support data and present you with an automatability report with real backtest results using our bot and a tailored solution set
  3. 3-month pilot where we will be your consultant customizing integrations and features just for you and making sure we deliver on the promise; no engineering lift from your end
  4. An official rollout with our solution set, which will then become completely self-served

🙏 Our ask

  • If your team is overwhelmed by the number of support tickets - with > min (100+ tickets/daily, 3 customer support agents), let us help you by scheduling a call with us here
  • If you believe someone you know might need our help, we’d love to be connected at vickie@opensight.ai.
  • If you like what we are building, share and upvote!

Thank you so much!