Anarchy Labs

Anarchy 🧪 - LLM infrastructure for building conversational applications 🏗️

Anarchy provides companies with their own LLM endpoints that can call any APIs

Greetings YC community! We’re Matt and James, the founders of Anarchy. We’ve been working in AI for a long time (Matt just finished a PhD working on formal methods in deep learning) and have become experts in taming LLMs. We started Anarchy to share these advances with devs who want to use LLMs in production.


While LLMs are beginning to be used as universal text interfaces, developers and prompt engineers are beginning to want consistent and reliable LLMs with agency: LLMs which can search through their ever-changing databases, be able to book meetings, and generally make calls to their APIs. However, coaxing LLMs to behave consistently is black magic requiring constant vigilance, and relying on a single provider can be a risky point of failure.


Our platform abstracts away the unpredictable work of researching ideal prompts so developers can focus on building business logic: Provide your API and its description, and your LLM-keys, and anarchy will provide you an LLM endpoint (or web-interface chatbot) that can answer questions and solve problems using your API and load-balance between LLMs.

Here's a short product demo


If this excites you (or anybody you might know, YC or not) and you’d like to try our product, please contact us by signing up.

If you want to have a chat about LLM tech or ask us questions directly, feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/qaFf7S373c

We’re also in the process of building up our twitter and linkedin and would appreciate a follow 🙂!