Type – an AI-first document editor

Type is an AI-first document editor that helps you write faster.

Hi there –

Stew and Stefan here. We're building Type.ai.

Type is an AI-first document editor. We help marketers and creators write high-quality content remarkably fast.

Type makes it effortless to access the most powerful capabilities of today’s large language models. Type’s AI can instantly generate and transform any text – it picks up on your intent and the context of your document as you write.

We’d love to give you early access here.

The problem

Companies spend billions of dollars on content marketing each year, but creating great content is hard. Finding compelling ideas and articulating them in a way that will resonate with an audience requires constant experimentation and iteration.

AI will radically reduce this friction by making it easier to generate and refine ideas, but it's still hard to get today’s large language models to give you what you need.

You must either become a “prompt engineer” or use AI writing tools with rigid, template-based interfaces that constrain creativity and produce mediocre content.

The solution

We've built a flexible, fast document editor that lets a user quickly surface powerful AI commands by hitting cmd + k as they write.

Type’s AI commands help with the slowest parts of writing, from generating drafts to rewriting content to suggesting what to create next.

The more you write, the better Type’s suggestions get. Type’s AI understands the context of a document – it can generate or transform text quickly and accurately.

We combine the flexibility of a product like ChatGPT with a powerful document editor. The result: Type is fun to write in!

The founders

We started building this because we were surprised nobody else had. Writing is not a “one-shot” activity! You need a flexible canvas for refining your ideas as you write.

Stew (CEO) is an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for writing. Stefan (CTO) is a software engineer with previous experience building advanced document editors.

Start writing with Type

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Stew & Stefan