Flasho: An AI that conducts user interviews for you regularly 🤖🧑‍🤝‍🧑

It moderates 1000s of user interviews simultaneously and gives insights in seconds! ⚡

Flasho enables user interviews on auto pilot for customer obsessed product teams. Trained to be empathetic, our AI agent has humanlike conversations- asking intelligent follow ups, clarifications and digging deeper to get to the "why" to understand every user’s motivations.

Product teams across the world spend invaluable time and money on building features they their users don't really want. They don’t have the time to conduct user interviews regularly to validate every little product decision. They often turn to quick customer surveys , quantitative metrics or just intuition. Customer surveys are very restrictive in terms of the information they provide and quantitative metrics are important but not a substitute to qualitative research. And that’s where Flasho comes in- providing high quality insights into customers’ thoughts and habits through 1000s of user interviews conducted instantly.

Our AI instantly analyses transcripts, creates summaries, identifies themes and  highlights powerful customer quotes before extracting key insights!

With continuous user interviews, always stay on top of what your users want . Make sure every product decision you make is backed by direct feedback from your users. 

Conduct quick interviews to validate product hypotheses, explore new products/features, understand customer pain points, create a successful GTM, design a product roadmap , get product feedback and so much more.

Flasho is built by product people for product people ❤️. Helping people build what their customers truly want 🙂