📮 rift — Close more deals, without landing in spam

Send more cold emails that actually get replies. rift combines email automation and deliverability in a single product.

Hi YC!

Fil and Eddie here - we’re co-founders at rift (W23). We met while working on the growth team at Pulley (W20). At Pulley, we learned that setting up your cold outbound email channel is really hard, rift is our attempt at making it easier!

The problem

You’re a B2B business, and you’ve been sending sales emails to your prospective customers. Here are some of your stats:

  • You’re sending 100+ emails/day.
  • Open rates are below 50%.
  • Reply rates are around 1%.
  • Bounce rates are upwards of ~5%.

If you don’t change anything, your next campaign will likely perform worse. Over time, open and reply rates will drop, and your bounce rate will go up.

Eventually, your domain reputation will be low enough that you won’t be able to contact your leads or existing customers. This is a tough situation to get out of, and it might take months to recover your domain reputation.

🎉 The solution

You need to do two things to effectively sell over email:

  1. Set up your cold email infrastructure correctly.
  2. Send relevant sales emails to the right people.

rift does it all for you in a single platform. You don’t need to be an expert in email deliverability or cold outbound.

Our product implements the email infrastructure for you, so you can focus only on growing your business. We will work with you 1:1 on writing sales emails that actually get replies.

🏎️ How do I get started?

Schedule a call with Fil and Eddie here: https://app.getrift.com/demo. We’ll help you fix your outbound email, whether rift is a good fit for you or not.