🌑 moonrepo - Simplifying codebase management and organization

From build to deploy, moonrepo is a better way to manage codebases, save developer time, and boost your business.

Hey YC!

Miles and James here from moonrepo. Are you struggling with large codebases? Well, look no further! We built moonrepo to simplify repository management, project ownership, task running, and everyday developer and productivity workflows.

🧑‍💻 Who is it for

For companies or individuals that maintain monorepos or large codebases (or any size really), and want to reduce build and CI times, and ensure their repository stays healthy.

🚀 How we’re solving it

After more than a decade in the industry, with many of those years working on infrastructure and developer tooling-related products, we weren’t happy with the status quo of tooling or ad-hoc solutions that companies are required to build. As such, we set out to build moon, a language-agnostic task runner that is smart enough to only run against affected code changes, and moonbase, an upstream service for monitoring CI pipelines. We wanted our products to be enjoyable to use and easy to understand.

🛰️ How it works

At a high level, we are putting an immense focus on the developer experience. For example, the configuration is in YAML, which everyone is familiar with, and is not a proprietary syntax. Tasks are defined and run as if you were running them in the terminal; there are no more abstractions. We automate common and everyday workflows. We manage a toolchain, ensuring the correct version of languages is used (no more “works on my machine”). And lastly, our foundation is built on Rust and Tokio, so performance is first-class, the runtime is reliable, and memory safety is guaranteed.

Try it today!

Our moon task runner is free and open source, and will always be! Start adopting today and see the immediate benefits in your codebase. https://moonrepo.dev/moon

Our moonbase service is also available under our free tier (with reasonable limits). Join today in 1-click! https://moonrepo.dev/moonbase

If you have any questions or would like a demo, feel free to join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter!